Monday, July 21, 2008

WHEW! Do I Have A lot to Blog About!

I never knew missing 2 days of weather would maen this much would happen, but it sure is exciting! This map, as I've always posted, is the SPC's Convective Storm Outlook. This is for tomorrow and as you can tell, all of Mid. TN is included in this slight risk zone with the main threat being a MCS (Mesoscale Convective System) developing in MO and KY and spreading and growing as it moves this way. So with that said, damaging wind will be the main threat, but an isolated/brief/weak tornado, can't be ruled out either. The counties on the KY/TN border are almost in a slight risk for today, but the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) decided not to include us in it.
I love looking at the infrared pictures of tropical storms, it gives them more of a mean look. This image is of Tropical Storm Dolly which has sustain winds of 50 mph. It is forecasted to strengthen and move VERY close to the TX/Mexico border around Brownsville, TX. The forecast is for it to hit the border of the US with Mexico, at hurricane strength, making it the first hurricane landfall on the US this 2008 year...and where only in July!

Highland Rim/Cumberland Plateau/and Mid. TN Forecast: As my hand is now cramping up...Today doesn't look any different then the past several days, with the exception of maybe a few isolated spots of 100ยบ's, but who wants to hear that bad news. Yep, areas in southern Mid. TN could very well hit the century mark some time this afternoon and that's not including the heat index numbers (Feel Like Temps. as the TV meteorologist call them) while even places on the plateau (Crossville) will still be close to the mid 90's mark. So the point I'm making is, wait til tomorrow or Weds. after the storms pass through and the temps. get back down into the mid to upper 80's to do yard work. If you have any elderly person in mind today or any day as a matter of fact, check up on them and see how they're doing during these hot days to come in August.

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