Friday, July 18, 2008

Tropical Invest 96L...Cristobal?

Well, from the latest satellite image of this tropical wave, it has the potential to from into a depression very soon. There's a lot of convection around the low pressure center and more seems to be forming. The NHC has put this low pressure center in a medium risk area for development, but it sure looks good right now. Matt and I will continue to monitor the NHC's reports and this situation (as well as the other areas of concern) and relay the information back to you, as soon as possible.

*The current conditions that are reporting close to the low looks like this:

Charleston, SC: Light Rain/Mist; 77ºF; Flash Flood Watch in Effect; mb pressure (1015.1 mb)

Wilmington, NC: Fair; 78ºF; mb pressure (1018.8 mb)

Savannah, GA: Mostly Cloudy; 80ºF; Flash Flood Watch in Effect; mb pressure (1013.9 mb)

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