Friday, July 11, 2008

Beautiful Day So Far, Severe Weather in the Forecast

Sunny, Blue Skies, Slight Breeze, can you guess where I am talking about?, well it is Gallatin, TN! It is a marvelous day if you're watching it from inside. The heat is taking away a ton of the nice-ness of the day. Make sure to drink water before working outside and to keep replenishing your fluids throughout the day if indeed you are working outside.

Severe Weather is in the picture for Sunday. The Storm Prediction Center has Middle Tennessee under a categorical "Slight" Risk of severe weather, this means that there is a 5% chance of severe weather being reported within 25 mi. of any point within the outlook area.

Currently Around the Mid-State:

Nashville, Sunny, 83 degrees

Gallatin, Sunny 85 degrees

Lebanon, Mostly Sunny 85 degrees

Please take a look-see at this forum. It is the Official SKYWARN forum. Join the growing community of which both me and Charles are a part of!

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