Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Midday Update 7/2

I'll start with the tropical wave out in the eastern Atlantic. The wave still has been noted to reach the depression stage of 35 mph winds, but the NHC is still looking at this wave and are saying that it could form into one at any given moment over the next couple of days as it slowly moves to the west.

The GFS models are still showing the potential for rain and storms for Friday evening. It's still too early to put up a favorable probability, but the NWS is putting our chances at 40%-50%. I'll keep monitoring the situation and I'll tell Matt to give his opinion on how he views what the models are saying in time for his evening forecast. But I'm thinking we have a good chance for pop-up storms, but it won't be a total wash-out, but keep a look towards the sky before you start your 4th of July activity's.

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