Friday, August 22, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay Update...Yet Again!

Sorry about not making a post yesterday morning, I was under the weather a bit and didn't go to school, I'm still not totally better but I don't need to miss two days in a row this early in the school year. Anyway, This image is the latest spaghetti charts of all the models and where Fay will go next. Alot of these models are in agreement that Fay could make two more US landfalls. From the looks of this spaghetti chart, us Middle Tennesseans won't see anything out of Fay except maybe a few of her clouds.

*Today's Forecast*

For today, expect cloudy conditions for everyone from Nashville westward, but expect partly to isolated cloudy conditions east of the Nashville Basin. Today I'm forecasting Cookeville's high to be in the 90's due to them having more sunshine, but since Nashville will be in the cloud cover for most of the day, they won't get out of the upper 80's! There's a 20% chance at an afternoon shower/t'shower for western portions of Middle TN around the Land Between the Lakes regions. 10% chance for everyone else.

Nashville: upper 80's; 10% chance
Clarksville: mid to upper 80's; 20% chance
Cookeville: low 90's
Columbia: upper 80's; 10% chance
Manchester: upper 80's to low 90's; 10% chance


Leah said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather. There have been nasty respiratory infections going on in NM, which is odd considering the time of year. Hope you are feeling better! =)

...As for Fay, I gave up trying to figure her out a loooong time ago. If I were working at the NHC, I probably would have hit the bottle by now, lol.


Charles Loring said...

Thanks Leah. I'm feeling much better this morning. I had to miss my high school's football game last night which didn't set well with me, but I'm doing good. I agree with Fay, we this morning are getting a little rain/sprinkle band from Fay to affect us. I hope she comes up this way next week, but I don't want to guess anymore. LOL!