Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Mexico Storm Pictures; Blog Poll Results

These images where taken by Leah Robertson who has gratefully given me images before to use on the blog. This first image is of a supercell structure cloud with a wall cloud present. Very errie picture, but I would of loved to of been there seeing it! This picture was taken at Los Lunes, NM she says. Thanks for that AWESOME photo!
Now this picture is cool too. If you look at the road sign, you see fog. Well what that is is hail fog that rarely occurs in storms, but if you get alot of hail in a short amount of time and it's hot, hail fog will form. Thanks Leah for letting me use these images.

If you would like to have you storm/nature imagea posted on this site, send those pictures to and we will do our best to post them as soon as we get them!

Blog Poll Results:

Sorry about taking forever to do this, school...need I say more?

What Do You Like Most About TN Weather?

Warm Summers (Beach Times!)
2 (28%)

Snowy/Icy Winters (NO School Times!)
5 (71%)

Thanks for voting. Don't forget to vote in the new blog poll.

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