Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay Makes Landfall; Her Rain Coming This Way?

This morning at around 5:00, Fay made landfall very close to Naples, FL or Everglades City, FL. TWC's Jim Cantore is reporting LIVE out of Naples, FL, if you'd like to see what the conditions are like. He's mentioned that transformers have been blowing up form the winds of Fay that have been gusting upwards of 60 mph+. Most people would think, well since Fay's come ashore, she's through...not so fast says Fay. The current models are thinking that Fay will reemerge out into the warm, less sheared Atlantic and then curve itself back in into Southern/Eastern GA before going due west. But she's not done there either, the models also want to bring Fay back into the Gulf after her trek across Southern and Eastern GA and it will then strike the Panhandle of FL before going up the MS/AL coast. WHEW! With this current thinking, Fay could very well strengthen up to hurricane status while over those Atlantic waters and then again once she gets into the Gulf and that would better our chances at seeing some much needed rain, but it could be too much in too little time, so a flooding potential is something we will all have to look out for.

*Today's temps. (We see 90's for the first time since the beginning of August)

Nashville: low 90's
Clarksville: upper 80's (isolated low 90's)
Cookeville: upper 80's
Columbia: low 90's
Manchester: upper 80's (isolated low 90's)

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