Friday, August 1, 2008

China's Total Eclipse; Friday Outlook

At right around 6 o'clock (our time) this morning, parts of Northern China witnessed the 1 minute and 30 second Total Eclipse. The Total Eclipse occured in that area at 7:00 p.m. and made it completely nighttime again for that short period of time.

After a foggy start this morning, the temperatures will rise up well into the typical 90's today with no real chance at any shower/t'shower activity. The next 8 days really doesn't show any good chance at any rain over those next days, but the heat will be with us. Looks like the classic August weather is back in store for us Middle Tennesseans.

Nashville: mid 90's
Clarksville: low to mid 90's
Cookeville: low 90's
Columbia: mid 90's
Manchester: mid 90's


Cookeville Weather Guy said...

Charles, I hope you're doing well. Incredible picture out of Bellevue on your previous post. Need to upgrade my camera to capture anything close to that!

Charles Loring said...

Thanks Mike for the comment. All is going well, you? Clarence took AWESOME pictures of that lightning. I just got back from visiting the Western Kentucky campus. It's a GREAT campus with a even better faculty and staff. I'm doing a write-up on it tomorrow, but I didn't take pictures...didn't fell like holding a camera for the whole 7 and a half hour tour.