Saturday, August 30, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: New Orleans Under Mandatory Evacuation

At around 8:20, the news was made that Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans, has issued a mandatory evacuation of all of the cities people. There will not be a shelter center setup in the city for the people that do chose to stay. He said that this storm will be worse than Katrina and will if you do chose to stay, you will be on your own. Powerful words from Nagin. Gustav as of now is coming back into the waters, but this time in the Gulf. The winds right now are at 150 with gust in the 185 mph range. This storm is expected to reach Cat. 5 strength while over the Gulf waters, but hit the Grand Isle, LA area as a Cat. 4. Storm surge is going to be the main threat with Gustav, but winds and rain will also be a big concern as he approaches fast from the SE.

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