Monday, August 18, 2008

Tropical Storm "Alien" Fay Update; Beginning Work Week Forecast

As you can see, Fay has brought us many surprises not only in a strengthening or moving form, but as a cartoon drawer too. These images I saved when I pointed out over on storm2k about Fay looking like an alien. The first image is a close up of Fay as an alien, while the second image is a longer away one, and someone on that site decided to draw a green body to it too. We had to have some fun tracking this terrible thing. Her current track this morning is a NE movement and, too me, it looks like it may just skim the FL SE coast and move right up along the Atlantic, which isn't good for folks out in SC and NC. She hasn't strengthened any due to the land interaction and mountainous terrain of Cuba, but once she gets herself back over those warm Gulf out!

* For us back home, I've been holding on to the slim chance of fay bringing us some much needed rain, but that chance has quickly left the scene after Fay's surprising sharp turn to the N/NE. The next rain chance we have comes to us on Weds., but not everyone will see rain that day or any other day that says rain. Hopefully we'll get out of this dry pattern before too long.

Nashville: upper 80's (isolated low 90's)
Clarksville: upper 80's
Cookeville: mid to upper 80's
Columbia: upper 80's (isolated low 90's)
Manchester: upper 80's


Matt Brawner said...

Ha, that's Funny!!!!

MTWC said...

My eyes kinda jumped when I saw that image. Nice find!
-Clay from Nashville

Charles Loring said...

Yeah, when I saw it too Clay, it frecked me out. Earlier in her beginning stages, she made a convection burst look like a fetus in a womb. Creepy! LOL!