Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Same Weather Pattern Continues...Enjoy!; Channel 4 Surprise

Like I've pointed out time and time again, it's not everyday, in August, where you get to actually enjoy spending time outside and not get over exhausted or something to that nature, but that's the current weather pattern we have right now and it looks to stay that way til at least the weekend before we get a decent chance at some much needed rain for the first time this week. Speaking of rain, today places on the Cumberland Plateau and higher elevations of the Rim might see a shower or two "pop" this afternoon due to the heating of the day, but it won't ruin any of your outdoor, evening plans.

Nashville: mid 80's
Clarksville: mid 80's
Cookeville: low 80's; 10% chance
Columbia: mid 80's
Manchester: mid 80's

The surprise I'm going to tell you about is that Channel 4 will be shooting LIVE up at our school tomorrow from 4:30-7:00 and will be doing LIVE cut-in's periodically through every hour and I'll be there and hopefully the rest of the school will be there too. I'm in the Interactive Multimedia class at my school, so I'll be filming at the same time Channel 4 will. Aaron Solomon came to our school yesterday to shot some film before tomorrow's event, and we had a pep rally just for that occasion and someone accidentally hit him with one of the inflatable ring, saucer type things and it was while he was shooting and talking about something to the camera! I hope it goes well and I'll be supporting my Tigers all the way!

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