Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fay's Fortune and Pictures Wanted; Gustav Has Formed

As Fay brings more of her wanted rains to the region, flooding is still a big possibility for areas from Nashville eastward today as Fay will come right over top of us. With Fay coming over us, wind will be a big factor today as well with sustained winds from anywhere between 10-15 mph and gust upwards of 25-30 mph. All this moisture is moving off to the NE around the remnant low, so today is going to be very wet for many just like yesterday was. All this wet weather should exit the area by tomorrow morning with some places on the Plateau and Highland Rim getting totals around 6-7"!
This is the next BIG tropical system and he has already hit hurricane status with winds at 85 mph and still intensifying this morning. The current track has Gustav hitting the country of Haiti today and then either moving over Cuba and weaken, OR move out of Haiti and miss Cuba all together and strengthen before he moves into the gulf as a major hurricane (Cat. 3 or higher). This is the other tropical system I and Matt are watching that could affect our weather next week.

Nashville: upper 70's (isolated spots low 80's) 100% chance
Clarksville: low 80's; 80% chance
Cookeville: upper 70's; 110% chance!
Columbia: upper 70's (isolated spots low 80's); 100% chance
Manchester: upper 70's; 100% chance

* If you have any storm pictures of clouds, flooding, damage, etc. from Fay. Send those pictures my way at charlesloring_2010@hotmail.com and I'll post them on here for all to see!

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