Saturday, August 23, 2008

Evening Forecast; Tropical Storm Fay's Track...Needed Aid Coming?

Since we have the clouds from Fay in our area tonight, the temps won't be able to drop all that much tonight. The coolest spots will be the areas on the Plateau, but they will only get down into the mid 60's w/ Nashville not even getting out of the 70's again. The chnaces at us seeing rain from Fay is looking better and better. Right now the 5-Day Rainfall total map shows us Middle Tennesseans seeing anything from 2" to even up in the 7" range. Flooding is something that will have to be monitored as Fay inches her way closer to the Mid. State.

*Leah Robertson has sent me some EXCELLENT storm photos from New Mexico again, and I will try to post them on here sometime tomorrow along with the blog poll results.

*Matt's computer has been messing up on him for a while (that's the reason he hasn't been posting) so I'm taking over his posting duties until he can get to posting again.

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