Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mercury on the Rise; Air Quality Alert

The cool breeze I was talking about has gone away, FAR, FAR, AWAY. Temperatures are on the rise across the mid-state, it's already reaching into the mid-80's in the Nashville Metro Area. The heat will be a factor today, the high will get up to 94 miserable degrees.

There is an Air-Quality Alert for the Nashville Areas, Davidson, Sumner, Macon, Trousdale..etc. Remember to limit your time outside and drink water to prevent heat stroke.

There doesn't appear to be a chance for rain in a few days. Tuesday Night appears to be the first day we'll run into the chance of seeing some rain, I think anything that falls will be a welcome site to all.


Today, Sunny, High 94 Degrees

Tonight, Clear, Low 72 Degrees

Monday, Sunny, HOT, 97 Degrees

Monday Night, Clear, Low 74 degrees

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