Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay; Nice Nights Continue As Well

This is the NHC (National Hurricane Centers) projected strength and track of Fay. Right now the NHC is thinking that Fay will reach hurricane strength before landfall in Western FL. I'm not totally agreeing with that track and strength, but here's my forecast on Fay.

  • Landfall Time: Late Tuesday, August 19th

  • Landfall Strength: Strong Cat. 3 (125 mph winds w/higher gust)

  • Landfall Location (Cantore's Spot as I like to call it): Pensacola/Destin, FL; or somewhere in between those areas.

This is the latest satellite image of Fay. It's not as strong as it was this morning, but as Fay continues her westward march, she will stay over the warm Atlantic waters and grow. Over the past couple of hours, she has been showing good signs of strengthening and growth. I'll be following this system closely, as it may very well affect our weather here in Middle TN later on.

* But as for us, after this morning's southern Middle TN rain, the weather cleared enough and has given us partly sunny skies and it will continue to clear out as we head into the starry night. I was coming home from my nieces birthday party when I read on one of the interstates flashing overhanging alert signs, "Air Quality Alert Day For Nashville Tomorrow, Ride Public Transit". I was thinking to myself, today would of been a good day for one too cause this morning I was looking at the skyline of Nashville, but all you could really see was hazy skies. Hope everyone has a good Saturday night ahead.

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