Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tropical Storm Edouard Making Landfall; Chicago Derecho; TN Forecast

Edouard is about to make landfall in the Beaumont, TX; Port Arthur, TX; or Cameron, LA areas. Tropical Storm forced winds have reached the coastline of LA and TX and have gusted upwards to 60 mph. The rainfall totals from this storm will range from 2" up too 8". Not as big as Dolly was, but Edouard will bring some beneficial rain to that drought stricken area, so any amount would be good.
Last night, along with tracking the tropical storm, I was tracking the areas of Northern IL and IN who where dealing with a derecho event. You can see in the picture from the weatherunderground radar, the backwards C shape, well what that means is that the highest winds will be on the leading edge of the flipped C and right in that's path was the suburbs of Chicago. There was a report of a 94 mph wind gust just north of the city last evening along with wide spread damage ranging from power lines down, to buildings being leveled. One fatality has been confirmed in IN with this event, a large tree limb fell on a car. 2 tornado touchdowns where reported in to the local NWS offices and around 97 wind reports in which this derecho caused.

Now as for us, we don't have any derecho type system to affect us today, all we have is HOT and humid conditions. Today might be the hottest day of the year so far, but there are signs of relief. We issue a storm and rain chance tomorrow and a slight chance for Weds., but the good news is, is that the temperatures will back off back down into the mid to upper 80's! So if we can survive this ONE more day of sweltering heat...then we've got good times ahead!

Nashville: upper 90's
Clarksville: upper 90's
Cookeville: mid 90's
Columbia: upper 90's
Manchester: mid to upper 90's


MTWC said...

They had to evacuate fans and players at the Cubs game last night. Maybe that is just what they need to start losing again. ;)

Charles Loring said...

Once it was that Steve Bartmen or Bertman guyy, now it's Mother Natures turn!