Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yesterday's Storm Reports; Continued Severe Threat

Here is the map of yesterday's storm reports. You can see that the majority of the reports were in SCK and Northern Middle TN. Also, in Laurel County in SCK...a possible tornado could have touched down, but that has yet to be confirmed or not.
Once again, the SPC has many of us in the slight risk zone. The only areas of except are in the far SW corner in the Waynesboro/Savannah areas. The chance at storms today are only at 30-40%, but if we do get storms to fire along these leftover outflow boundaries, we could see them go severe so that is why we are in this zone even with our storm chances being so low.

The biggest threat for this region is going to be high winds yet again. The 30% wind profile is right on the Highland Rim/Cumberland Plateau line and the increase in elevation in these regions, will only help out the damaging wind potential.

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