Sunday, June 28, 2009

Severe Storms Possible Today; Not Widespread However

We will have a weak cold front move through this region today and early this evening, we will see isolated severe storms pop anywhere here in Middle TN today, but the best chances lie across areas from mainly Nashville eastward and then on the TN/AL line. Any storms that do form will have the potential at 60-65 mph winds and large hail up to nickel size.

The hail threat won't be as prominent as we will have warm air aloft that will hamper in the hail formation process, but if we do see a storm produce large updraft and have a large VIL, which all VIL stands for is Vertically Integrated Liquid and that shows you how much moisture is in a storm. The higher the VIL, the more moisture and the greatest chance of seeing hail.

*As I was typing this post, I looked out my window and I am staring into the heart of a thick fog. When I started typing this post there was almost no fog present, now there is a thick blanket of it. And I do not live by a water source that would cause it to build up faster either. So be careful driving this morning if you run into thick areas of fog.

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