Monday, June 15, 2009

Looking Ahead To Tomorrow's Risk

I know I shouldn't be looking ahead to tomorrow's risk while we are looking a a severe episode today, but I think this threat needs to monitored closely. I think we could see an event here much like what Memphis saw a couple days ago with widespread damaging wind event...possibly a derecho type event setting up.

Here is the just of what the SPC says...

At the start of the day 2 outlook, a healthy MCS is forecasted to be ongoing in the Ozarks region (MO area) and will be moving ESE and as it heads our way it is forecasted to strengthen or at least maintain its strength. SPC says that instability will be in place to allow for an ongoing widespread wind and hail event. They say once they get more model agreement on where the MCS will form...a MDT risk is very plausible.

The area you see in the 30% area, has the best chance at seeing the MDT risk. That is just my forecast and prediction.

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