Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Weather Continues; Rain Chances Increase For Independence Weekend?

Yesterday was a great day to get outside and enjoy the sun and maybe shoot off some bottle rockets as we are inching ourselves closer to Independence Day. Many areas yesterday hit temps. in the mid to upper 80's which felt great since last week we were in the sauna constantly with no escape. Today, areas will only see their temps. get to the mid 80's and on Wednesday...we are looking at low to mid 80's all around. Good thing I am playing my golf game on Wednesday!

With these "cooling" trends, the next thing on your mind is more then likely when is it going to rain. We will have some waves of energy move in Thursday and Friday, but they will be very weak and only isolated areas will see rain. It isn't until the weekend rolls around that we see those chances jump up to 30-40%. Now with that said, not everyone will see rain and storms those two night, and even if you do get some rain...it will not be enough to cancel your fireworks show or cookout.

And we still have a good 4-5 says to see what happens. If this front decides to slow down...most of the rain may be on Sunday and Monday. Whereas if it speeds up it could get here by Friday and early Saturday. But as of right now the best rain and storm chances look to be on Independence Day and Sunday.

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