Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slight Risk Zone: Northern and Eastern Middle TN and SCK

The SPC out of Norman, OK, has put areas from Nashville Northward/Eastward/and some Westward in a slight risk for severe storms later today. The greatest risk is going to be damaging winds, but large hail is also a big risk while the tornado threat looks minimal, but is still a threat nonetheless.

We saw some interesting storms yesterday afternoon. All reports that I have heard about around our area was hail reports, but I wouldn't be surprised if a few trees are down that just wasn't called or e-mailed in. We will see more of that action today and even though southern sections of Middle TN aren't in the slight zone, that doesn't mean you won't see strong storms.

Nashville: upper 80's; 60% chance
Clarksville: upper 80's; 60% chance
Cookeville: upper 80's; 60% chance
Columbia: upper 80's: 50% chance
Manchester: upper 80's to low 90's; 50% chance

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