Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Severe Risk Increasing Over Next Few Days

I have a lot to cover today, so I will jump right into it. This is today's outlook and the biggest risk is going to be in Central KS where a 15% hatched tornado risk is in place which is the best probabilities we have seen in quite a while. The Vortex 2 team is in great position to catch whatever supercell pops-up today.

Areas from Nashville westward are in a slight risk for severe storms today. The biggest risk is going to be large hail and some damaging wind gusts. But the overall severe storm potential is low as we are only forecasting a 20% chance of storms.
This is for Wednesday and this includes areas from Columbia/Lewisburg northward. Tomorrow, we have all three risks...large hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes. The tornado risk isn't huge, but there is a possibility for us to see a tornado or two here in the Middle TN/SCK region.

Now...whew! I finally have reached the final outlook map from the SPC and we are, yet again, included in the slight risk zone. The tornado threat isn't as potent Thursday as it will be tomorrow, but the other risks are still in play. This threat included all of Middle TN and SCK.

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