Thursday, June 18, 2009

Possible Tornado in SCK Yesterday; Drying Out?

A big area of storms dropped down out of KY yesterday and once they right on the TN/KY line and came into TN...they became tornadic. In Trigg County, KY, a possible tornado touchdown took place in between the towns of Guthrie and Elkton. Funnel clouds were reported in the Cooperstown, TN and Jolten, TN areas too from these same complex of storms.

Today, the only areas under the gun for severe weather is the far eastern areas of Middle TN and SCK. I am only putting the rain chances at 30% for this region, so the odds of any one place seeing rain is at 30% while there is a 70% chance it won't rain in your backyard.

We keep this dry weather through here til at least Sunday, but with this dry weather comes the ridge of high pressure which will dominate over this region and bring with it uncomfortable heat. For the SE counties in Mid. TN, that heat starts today. Heat Indexes will be in the 100ºF-103ºF range today through Sunday and that is very dangerous if you are outside for far too long. If you have a pool...I would suggest using it today through Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Hey dude.....that touchdown would be in Todd County not Trigg County......I live in Trigg...