Friday, June 12, 2009

Taking Day Off For Birthday!?...

Good morning everyone! It was a wild day yesterday indeed with many Severe T'storm Warnings and even a few Tornado Warnings across our region. There was widespread damage reports all across Eastern/SE Middle TN and even SCK yesterday associated with those warnings.

I was planning on taking today off from blog posting since I stayed up really late to watch that line come through, but then I saw today's severe outlook and thought it would be a disservice to you, my blog readers, if I didn't since we do have a slight risk of severe storms today.

The front is positioned right now over Nashville. So if you live anywhere N/NW of Nashville, you are more then likely in a NW wind and won't see much rain today. If you live S/SE of Nashville, that is where the greatest severe chances lie today.

You may be asking, "If places like Clarksville and Gallatin won't see much rain today, then why are they in the slight risk?" Well, tonight, we expect to see a large complex of storms to march eastward and increase our severe chances across all of Middle TN. The biggest risk with this complex will be damaging winds.

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