Monday, June 22, 2009

Isolated Strong Storm Threat Continues, So Does The Hot Weather

The past few days, we have seen storms pop-up...but not here. They have formed north of here in Central KY and move SSE into the Plateau regions of Middle TN. And I have no reason to think today will be any different.

The SPC does have the Rim and Plateau areas in a "See Text" zone and that means we do have a severe threat, but it is marginal at best. They say that storms will form over this region and track SSE into this area before losing some of its punch overnight.

For places that won't have the cloud cover and rain around (which will be many areas in Middle TN and SCK) you guys will still be in the pattern we are in. And just taking a look at the extended...looks like this hot, sunny weather will continue til at least next Sunday.

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