Friday, June 5, 2009

Clearing and Drying Out Today; Dry Period Setting In?

We had a couple of counties report some flooding problems yesterday. Van Buren and Grundy counties had some road closures and detours. Also, in Van Buren County, a landslide took place on HWY 30.

But we got good news for today, the cold front has now made its slow move across us and now we will have a couple of days to dry out. I plan on getting out and enjoying the matter how wet or soggy it may be! We will have plenty of sunshine to help in this drying process, but for some, it may take a few more days.

I'm not forecasting our next rain chance til early next week (Tuesday) and right now that chance is small at best.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Nashville: mid to upper 70's
Clarksville: mid to upper 70's
Cookeville: mid 70's
Columbia: mid to upper 70's
Manchester: mid 70's

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