Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still 90º's...But Less Humid! Thankfully!!!

After having the past couple of days stuck in the fringe of this "H" pressure, we see it move a little to the west today and that will give us lower temps., less humidity, and also a nice NE wind to help cool things off as well.

We still will be in the 90's across all of Middle TN, but not the 96ºF readings or anything like that. (I'm forecasting 92ºF in Nashville) The only bad thing about today is that we won't have a rain chance to help cool things off even more, but Friday we do see a system from the NW come down and it gives all of Middle TN a chance (SE corner has the lowest chance).

I do want to stress that even with this weather being more bearable, it isn't an all clear to go outside and stay out all day. With temps. in the 90ºF range, it wouldn't take people long to get overheated, so please drink plenty of water if you are out today.

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