Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weather Graphic: 6/28 Update

This is the weatherunderground radar view as of 12:13 pm and where you see the red circle, that is where the best areas of storm development could take place. There is a storm in Grundy County, SE Mid. TN, where I am watching to see what it can do.

From the map and looking at the SPC's MCD out. This is where the cold front is positioned, blue line. Places like Clarksville and Dickson are clear of the rain chances for today and soon Nashville will be as this front continues its SE march. Once we see this clearage, sunny skies should surface as should a NW wind to help keep the temperature and humidity down.

As mentioned, the SPC has a MCD out for areas of SE/ parts of E Middle TN. A Severe T'storm Watch is possible, but more then likely they will issue one for further into GA as there is only about a 2-3 hour window of storm opportunity in these regions. We will see what the SPC and local NWS offices does and I will relay that back here.

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