Sunday, March 22, 2009

Midday Forecast

I'm sure many of you have had the pleasure of stepping outside today and saying, WOW!! Mother Nature has given us an absolutely gorgeos day here in Middle Tennessee, with Mostly Clear Skies, No rain showing up on our RADAR's, and calm winds. We are lucky!

Current Conditions at Nashville International Airport
Temperature: 66 degrees
Humidity is at 32%
Winds are SW at 7 mph

Expect this weather to stay around, at least for the rest of today. It looks like we are running a VERY SLIM chance of seeing a sprinkle tomorrow, then Tuesday on into Wednesday we see our chances of precipitation increase dramatically as we will have a front sweep through the mid-south, that's giving us our rain chances and dropping our temperatures about 5 degrees for your Wednesday and Thursday.

Have a good rest of today, and check in tonight for the severe weather chances we might get on Wednesday!



Just Courious : Are you closer to Nashville or Knoxville ?

Matt Brawner said...

Well, if you are asking about me in particuler Mr.Brantley, I live in Sumner County in Gallatin, just North of Nashville by 15 miles or so. Charles lives in Macon County.


I think I meant Where is the Highland Rim ? I actually heard one of the Nashville TV stations make reference to it lately. Then I thought of you here. I knew you could tell me where it is. Is this one reason why you use the Nashville Airport`s Observation`s Often. I have wondered where all of you lived however. Thanks for sharing that with me. Have you ever heard of Facebook ? I`m a member of it. You can see it on All of my Blogs. I would be fun talking to you on it If you would care to join. It`s FREE. Well thanks again as always from Bemis - Jackson, Tn.

Matt Brawner said...

Here ya' go sir, this link may be of some use to you: