Friday, March 20, 2009

Cooler, but Sunnier Day; Outlook for Stormy Plains States

Yesterday, we didn't have as much sun around til later in the day, but at least we got some sun! Right? Today we will have the sun out, but our temps. are going to stay relatively low (may not get out of the 50's here on the Rim and Plateau). I think Nashville will reach 62ºF while places like Crossville will only get to 56-58ºF for their high.

We won't see a rain chance til the middle to late next week, so your weekend should go uninterrupted as far as weather goes. I'm going to be watching the models the next couple of days as it it looks like some severe weather is likely for some of our friends in the Plains states around OK, KS, and TX. It is still too early to tell what forms we might see from this setup. It could be a big squall line type deal for them, or it could be discrete, individual supercell type setup that will lead to a bigger tornado probability. All I have to say is that the meteorologist at the SPC have their hands full with this system.

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