Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Showery/T'showery Weather Tonight and Early Tomorrow

Good evening! I'm apologize for the lack of consistent posting as of late. Hopefully with spring break coming near (2 days away!) I will be able to post daily and start back up.

For most of your night tonight, you can expect mostly rain-free skies with some cloud cover increasing from the west/northwest with our next cold front and rain threat. Some heavy rain with thunder and lightning could occur, but severe weather will not be a problem with this system.

Most of this rain should be out of the mid-state region by early tomorrow afternoon, so your Thursday night plans should go without the need of a rain jacket or an umbrella. But with like I mentioned, what is bringing in this rain is a cold front that will make our temps. retreat a tad. We will still be relatively warm (forecasting 62ºF in Nashville tomorrow), but areas east of Nashville may not make it out of the 50's tomorrow.

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