Sunday, March 1, 2009

Middle TN SnowStorm of 09'!..."Zilch of 09" For Others

Here's the Preliminary Storm Reports from Southern and Western Middle TN areas from this snow.

I was gone to Gatlinburg this weekend and missed the snow their too (Left right as it was starting)! And when I got home I saw our good snow amount...0.0". As disappointed as I was on our non-event, I was happy to see some of the snowfall totals out of Middle TN. Some areas even in western TN got upwards of 16"+ with higher snow drifts. That amount is crippling to the Northeast, so you can fathom how difficult it was for us here in the Volunteer state to handle it. This morning, I head that I-40 from Jackson to Memphis was shutdown from last night all the way to this morning due to the wreaks caused by the great snows and people where stranded and waiting for help.

Looking to the future, I don't see another event like this (won't for a some good time), but what I do see is great weather conditions for your week with some area showers/ t'showers moving into the region by late this week into next weekend.

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