Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Record Setting Day?; Few Storms Tonight

As the title mentions, we could of seen a record fall in Nashville for the high today. Weatherunderground has Nashville reaching 80.5ºF which would break the old record of 79ºF. While the NOAA sites just have Nashville tying the record. We will have to wait and see of the official wording, but it was no doubt a warm day in the Mid-South. But we are still anticipating the cold weather to impact our region after this strong cold front passage which is due here after midnight tonight and we will see our temps. fall all through the day Wednesday.

With this cold front, many people are asking if we will see strong storms. Yes strong storms...are possible, but I'm not expecting too much in the way of severe weather. Just like the event we had Sunday where most of the dynamics and severe weather went well north of us, this will be much the same. We will watch the radar and keep you up to date, but this will not be a widespread event by any means. Only people to the N and NW of Nashville should really watch this system, but what will affect all of us is the wet and rainy weather! Which would be a welcome site to many because my yard has still not completely recovered from the drought of 06'. Which that is quite a severe weather episode of its own...

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