Sunday, March 29, 2009

Storm Reports: Ashland City and Huntland Tornado?

This is the storm reports page done by the SPC in relay of the reports the NWS offices get in. In TN, you see 2 red dots. Those red dots indicate where a funnel cloud could of touched down and be classified as a tornado. The NWS office in Nashville will conduct the possible Ashland City twister, while the office in Huntsville, AL will conduct the storm survey in Huntland.

I think the SPC made a good decision on issuing a Tornado Watch for our immediate region. The SPC criteria for a tornado watch to verify, you need at least 3 tornado reports that are confirmed. Well, on the chart above in the watch they issued for most of Middle TN and points southward and NW, there were 5 different tornado reports in all. So if these tornado reports are confirmed by the local NWS offices...the watch verified.

It was a very bust day for the local NWS offices. It started in Paducah's region with a Severe T'storm Warning from the first, of many, supercells to form. Then Nashville came in next with a Severe T'storm Warning for Benton and Stewart Counties. Not long after that, Paducah then issued the first Tornado Warning of the evening. It was back and forth for the Nashville and Paducah offices on issuing warnings, until those warnings pushed out of the Paducah region, then Louisville started to get in on the fun. Then as the supercells started pushing further eastward, they started to form a line in which case the tornadic production would be cut down. As that line started to form, the offices in Huntsville and Birmingham had there own supercells to deal with. Only one tornado report came out of AL and that was in the NE part of the state almost into GA.

So all in all there were a total of 6 regional offices that had to issue at least one tornado warning last night. (Paducah, Nashville, Louisville, Huntsville, Birmingham, and Peachtree City)

***If you have any storm pictures for yesterday evening. I'd love to see them and post them on here! All you have to do is send them to my e-mail at and post your name, where you took this image at, and what you are seeing.***

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