Monday, March 23, 2009

Afternoon/Nighttime Forecast; Friday Severe Event

Above normal temperatures stuck around again for today. Many locations in Middle Tennessee got up to the 75 degree mark, which felt quite pleasant with the light and variable winds that accompanied it. Temperatures will cool down tonight to about 50 degrees. But with that we will have some clouds creep into our area tonight. All that later in my forecast, but here are your current conditions from around the Mid-State:
Nashville: Partly Cloudy / 66 degrees / Winds are South at 5 mph
Smyrna: Partly Cloudy / 72 degrees / Winds are Calm
Clarksville: Partly Cloudy / 70 degrees / Winds SSE at 5 mph

Here's how your week looks to shape up
Tuesday, Mostly Cloudy, High near 73 degrees
Wednesday, Thunderstorms Likely, High near 66 degrees, Chance of Rain 90%
Thursday, Mostly Cloudy, High near 66 degrees, Chance of Precipitation 30%
Friday***, Thunderstorms, High near 71, Chance of Rain 50%

Friday has asterisks because it looks as though we might be seeing some spring-time storms roll in to the Ohio Vallay. Current NAM and GFS Computer Modles indicate a very potent atmosphere for severe weather to form. This is along the Gulf Coast States and extends northward into the TN and OH Vallaey regions...right now my main concern is the fact taht with each new run, the models continue to indicate a VERY moist and unstable environment establishing itself in the areas mentioned. . . . . .for right now GFS illustrates us ua having 65+ degree dewpoints, and an Impressive CAPE value near 1200, 2300 j/Kg. Please remember it is still 90+ hours until then, but this looks like a very serious situation unfolding and I hope you watch it carefully.

Here's the GFS on Dewpoints 114 hours from now....

Have a good night, and I would like to give a BIG shoutout to Meagan Wade. . she says she enjoys our site and we appreciate that.

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