Monday, March 2, 2009

Cooler Night; Warming Trend Coming Soon!

As we put the SnowFest of 09' behind us, we look ahead to an overall quiet and calm weather week. The only rain chance comes Friday and as of right now it is only a 20% chance. The thing that most people will enjoy is the warmer temps. Tomorrow will still be pretty cold (38ºF in Nashville), but come Wednesday...we will be cutting off the heat for a quite some time.

"No Man's Land" Outlook: The models have been in a favorable trend for a severe event come next week. The timing and intensity is still way too far out to even think about forecasting that, but we will continue to keep a close watch on it as it looks to be the next big weather maker.

Nashville: mid to upper 10's (17ºF)
Clarksville: mid 10's (14ºF)
Cookeville: low to mid 10's (13ºF)
Columbia: mid 10's (15ºF)
Manchester: low to mid 10's (13ºF)

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