Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nice Start To First Spring Weekend; Severe Storms In Our Future?

Good evening everyone! As I type up this post I am seeing mostly sunny skies and have the windows open with no hurry to close them. And I would imagine many of you are doing the same.

On radar, we have some virga, precipitation not reaching the ground, showing up on radar at this time. I don't expect much in the way of rain for anyone til next week when we do issue a shower/storm chance.

Now onto what I am really watching with urgency...the Friday storm potential. The models, and the SPC has this mentioned, have been showing a system swing through our area during this timeframe and with it we could see some severe weather. Right now it looks like most of the action will stay to the south of us, but with this possible event 6-7 days away...things may change. Fred, Matt, and I will continue to discuss this event as it unfolds. And what I may start doing is get all three of ours thoughts on the severe systems that impact us, and post them and let you see how much we agree or disagree with one another.

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