Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Welcome Back To Spring...But Will It Last?

That is the question on everyone's mind and it looks like it will be too, until the models really agree on a long warm setting. I will get more to that in a moment, but for the rest of this week...it will be very warm (could reach 70ยบF on Friday and Satuday!) and that will be all that you will notice. I really don't see a rain chance at all until at least late Saturday into Sunday when we get a small system to come through, but those chances are 20-30% at best.

The models have been hooking on to a cold spell for a good chunk of March from the mid portion of the month til almost the end of the month. But for March, I'm really not buying that long of a cold period. Maybe we will get 2-3 days of some colder weather, but no real long period like the models are saying.

What would trigger this type of weather pattern would be a strong storm system to impact us and that would help usher in the colder, artic air. The models have backed a bit off the severe numbers, but the numbers given yesterday where a good bit alarming and I'm not at all surprised to see it put on the brakes a bit.

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