Friday, July 3, 2009

Tricky Independence Day and Weekend Forecast

This is the categorical risk zone for Saturday and in this zone are people North/NW of Nashville into SCK. The biggest risk is going to be damaging winds, but large hail will be possible too.

I say this is a tricky forecast because the timing of these storms is what has us up a creek without a paddle. The main line of storms doesn't look to hit Middle TN til the early morning hours of Sunday (Sunday's SPC outlook below), but we could see some strong to severe storms form out ahead of it late Saturday.

Tomorrow, we should know when these storms will hit and how bad they could be.

Sunday's risk includes areas from Nashville southward and eastward. Damaging winds will the main threat as we could see an MCS type system roll through here, but large hail could form as well if we get enough cold air aloft.

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