Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is This Still July?!

That is what many of you will be saying when you head outdoors this morning and out to do whatever chores you may need to do. I woke up with a morning low of 57.4ºF and have gotten back up to 59.8ºF...and that isn't the coldest it will get.

We will see high's range from the upper 70's across most of Middle TN, to "maybe" low 80;s for Nashville metro. I put maybe in quotes because it is very possible that Nashville will not get out of the 70's!

Low's will be really low for this time of year, we could see some records broken...good thing it is for low's and not high's! I am forecasting a low of 58ºF for Nashville with many areas ranging from 54ºF-58ºF.

*I want to make a quick post about a new blog I have joined. It is called and it is ran by Jonathan Burleson who used to work at WTVA out of Tupelo and has since moved to AL to work for a prominent weather service. He is a great forecaster and friend and I hope you guys check out his well done weather blog!

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