Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Morning Fog, Afternoon Sun

Good morning! This morning, many areas are waking up to some fog. It isn't thick fog up this way on the Rim or Plateau, but down towards the Buffalo River in Perry County, it may be more thick and turn down the visibility a bit. This morning fog will wear off fast once the morning sun rises and sets in for the day, not only will the sun rise, but so will our temps.

If you have any yard work to do...today would be the day to tackle that hassle. From here on out, the only thing going up with be our temps. and the heat indexes.

Nashville should get to around 92ºF today with places on the Rim/Plateau/and SCK getting to the low 90's as well.

You may think today is hot...just wait til end work week when we could see temps. range in the 94-96ºF range with heat indexes reaching upwards of 105ºF.

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