Thursday, July 2, 2009

Clear, Warm Day Today and Tomorrow; Independence Day/Weekend Washout?

This outlook period is for Saturday and it includes most of Middle TN and SCK with Nashville being in it as well. The SPC is saying that a leftover MCS from Friday night will be trekking across this region, the outflow boundary that could form off of this MCS could spark off new storm development over this outlooked area. Damaging winds and large hail will be the primary threats.
This is the the Day 4-8 categorical risk outlooks and these events are ones that are more hard to pinpoint because they are far away, but the SPC felt that for Sunday's threat...they needed to issue one for us to see what they are thinking.
Right now they are saying that the leftover convection from Saturday could evolve into an MCS and move across this whole region starting in the Ozarks and moving into the TN Valley regions. All of Middle TN is included in this outlook.
I am putting the rain chances at 50% for Saturday and 60% for Sunday. Not everyone will see rain and if you do...I wouldn't cancel my Fourth of July plans as it won't be a constant rain over a long period of time, you may just have to call a short rain delay or something of that nature!

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