Sunday, July 12, 2009

Loud and Windy Storms Today...and Tomorrow?

From the map I posted can tell that the SPC did some huge trimming back of the slight risk zone. Instead of one big area, they have divided it up into two smaller zones. Most of Middle TN is included the only areas not are the ones on the Cumberland Plateau as they are seeing some morning storms that will hamper their instability for this afternoon. The strongest of storms will have a good chance at producing damaging winds. An MCS could form and race SE into the outlooked areas later on tonight. So I will be on the lookout for that and let you guys know as soon as I know!
Tomorrow's outlook looks quite the same as today's. 2 smaller zones with one being in the High Plains and the other here in the Mid South, only difference is that only areas west and south of Nashville are included in this outlook. Damaging winds look to be the main threat tomorrow as well, but we can't rule out some large hail up to penny size. But with the mid-levels being pretty warm...that cuts the hail potential down.

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