Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday's Severe; Thunder Over Louisville

That's right guys, we have yet another severe risk for our region and this one looks to affect us Sunday afternoon and evening. We could see some storms move into our western most regions tonight, but they won't have the potential to reach severe criteria.

The strongest storms, for Sunday, will have the potential at damaging winds and large hail. The tornado threat is pretty low with this system as the shear doesn't look to be all that strong. Actually, this whole event looks pretty weak, but since their is an outlooked region...we still need to follow it closely.

* There will be another kind of loud booming going on in Louisville tonight. It's called "Thunder Over Louisville" and it is the largest fireworks display in the US annually and is also an event with one of the biggest air shows too. Over 650,000 people attend this event and I hope to one day as it sounds like a pretty cool event.

Just to tell you how many fireworks will be sent off...over 52 tons! And it will be in a 30 minute timeframe.

Ryan Hoke, who is one of my good friends from Louisville and wants to become an OCM too, has written about this event on his blog and you all should check it out!

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