Friday, April 3, 2009

Rainfall Totals From Thursday and Thursday Night; Storm Survey Today

These are the radar estimates of rainfall totals and here's a few rain totals.

Cookeville: 1"
Glasgow, KY: 2.5"-3"
Nashville: 2"-2.5"
Ashland City: 1"
Franklin, TN: 3"-3.5"
Dover: 1.5"-2"
Lafayette: 2"-2.5"

All this rain is now out of our region, and we should be rain or storm free til at least Sunday where another cold front will push through here. Severe weather looks low at this point for us, but the models have had the low pressure center up around Southern IL and if that comes to happen...we will be in the heart of severe weather. So we will continue to watch that too. But we will also get out and enjoy these next couple of sunny days!

*Nashville's NWS team will conduct a storm survey of the damage done in the Murfressboro Rd. areas in Donelson some time today. We will find exactly how strong this tornado might be. From looking at damage...I'm think at least EF-1 and could be rated a weak EF-2.


Cookeville Weather Guy said...

1.75" here in Cookeville, my friend!!

Check CoCoRaHS for more measurements..saw some approaching 3" this morning!

WOW! Hope all is well with you.

Charles Loring said...

Thanks for that report Mike! I would be putting my CoCoRaHS station to use, but I have no useble rain guage at this time, but I'm hoping to get a weather station for my birthday. That would be awesome! :)