Friday, April 10, 2009

Severe Weather Possible Later This Afternoon

As Charles has mentioned the past couple of days....Tennessee could experience some severe weather. As of right now the Storm Prediction Center has much of the Mid-South including TN, KY NC, SC, MS, AL, and Georgia in a "Slight Risk" of Severe Weather. With that there is a secondary risk area...a higher "Moderate Risk" area. That includes Middle and Eastern Tennessee. The highest threat we are expecting is LARGE DAMAGING Hail. up to 2" in diameter. Damaging Winds are also likely. With our favorable shear and expected moist atmosphere later today.. Supercells with Tornadoes are possible as well.

Continue to monitor NOAA Weather Radio and Local Media Outlets for the Latest Severe Weather Information.

I will post periodically throughout the day as the situation unfolds.

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Ryan Hoke said...

You guys OK down there? I saw that Rutherford County got battered pretty badly and I was wondering how the rest of the Nashville area is doing.