Thursday, April 9, 2009

Severe Storms Likely Tomorrow Afternoon and Evening

The SPC has placed many areas of Middle TN under the 30% hatched region, excluding the western Middle TN counties. The SKEW-T soundings have been down right scary bringing in huge instability values for us and with all that said, Friday is going to have to be a weather alert day. I except us to get put into a Watch (most likely Tornado) sometime tomorrow around noon. The action should begin to fire after the 1 pm time frame and even some models have it out of Nashville by 7-8 pm. So we may have a 5-6 hour window where discrete iso-cells could form and a few of those could reach supercell status where all thre severe elements could be possible. I will say that the highest threat looks to be damaging hail with some reaching close to 2" in size.

I won't be here til Sunday afternoon, but I will ask Matt or Fred if they could give our blog readers the latest on this threat.

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