Saturday, February 7, 2009

WSMV's "Surviving the Storm" Pictures and Write-Up

As you can tell, many people showed up to the event to learn more about severe weather and how to better protect themselves and their loved ones too in time of bad weather.
This image is a close-up of Lisa Spencer after the event. She joked with a few of us that many people get her confused with Jennifer Herron who does the traffic reports for Channel 4. :)
Here's a link to the other images

As many of you may know, I had the chance to go up to my high school Thursday night to watch and take pictures of the program given by WSMV's meteorologist. 3 of the 4 WSMV mets were in attendance (Tim Ross was unable to attend) and I got a chance to meet Lisa Spencer and Dan Thomas after the show, Nancy Van Camp had to leave after the program since she had to do the morning show. Just for some more info., one of my friends took a picture of me and Lisa and told her I was going to be a future TV meteorologist as well, but I don't have that image to put on here! And then I spoke with Dan Thomas and stayed at school til 10:30 to watch him give his 10 o'clock news weather segment, which was pretty cool since only 4 others did the same as me and watched him.

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