Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Poll Results: SKYWARN Poll

Will you attend a SKYWARN class this year?

4 (50%)

0 (0%)

0 (0%)

What is SKYWARN?
4 (50%)

SKYWARN is an association, associated with the NWS offices around the US as well as around the world that report in localized and area wide storm reports to the necessary office in their area. The local NWS offices put up a page specifically for storm spotters (which is what SKYWARN's population is made of) and they go to different areas each year to get more people certified. Here's the link to that page that is updated when they get new classes made.

*Sorry about lack of posting. I was gone to Memphis this weekend and forgot to tell Fred or Matt that and to see if they could do the blogging. But things should be back on schedule tomorrow morning.

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