Thursday, February 5, 2009

February 5th Lafayette Tornado Post

This image was taken by the OHX storm survey team in the Scottsville Rd./Ackersville Rd. area. Directly to the left of where this image was taken, is where the Zion Missionary Baptist Church stood. It has now been built back thanks to all the donations givin from everyone! If you also notice in the far back right, you will see what looks to be a bus. That bus is of my church where we went to help out one of our fellow members clean-up their house which was heavily damaged with both sides of the house taken away.

Tonight, WSMV is coming up to our high school to do a event called, "Surviving the Storm". All 4 (Tim Ross, Nancy Van Camp, Lisa Spencer, and Dan Thomas) will be up here to show the safety percautions needed in wake of when severe storms strike. I won't be able to go I don't believe. But if I do, I will take pictures of the event and such. Here's a link to their page discussing this event tonight.


FiveNineStorm said...

Glad to see progress in that area. Hope lessons were learned and a disaster like that never happens again.

Anonymous said...

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